Student Prizes

Awarded at Commencement, May 18, 2020

Woods Chandler Memorial Prize, for the best composition in a larger form written during the year. Awarded to Paul Mortilla.

Phyllis Curtin Career Entry Prize, to a graduating voice student who demonstrates exceptional talent as an artist and promise for a professional career. Awarded to Madeline Scofield Ehlinger.

Dean’s Prize, the School’s highest excellence award, given to a member of the graduating class who is selected by the dean in consultation with the faculty. Awarded to Miles Van Walter.

Smriti Deb Memorial Prize, to an outstanding graduating singer who best reflects and exemplifies the ideals and values of Smriti Deb and her commitment to teaching low-income and underrepresented children. Awarded to Laura Nicole Nielsen.

Broadus Erle Prize, to outstanding violinists in the School of Music. Awarded to Shenae Lauren Anderson, Rebecca Benjamin, Jessie Chen, Elena Monica Kawazu, Julia Hayley Ariella Mirzoev, and James Poe.

Eliot Fisk Prize, to an outstanding guitarist whose artistic achievement and dedication have contributed greatly to the department. Awarded to Xiaobo Pu.

Harriet Gibbs Fox Memorial Prize, to a student who has achieved the highest grade point average during the first year at the School of Music. Awarded to Ziying Hu.

Friedmann Thesis Prize, for a Doctor of Musical Arts thesis notable for its distinguished research, original perspective, in-depth engagement with its subject, and well-crafted presentation. Awarded to Ryan Kennedy.

Rena Greenwald Memorial Prize, for the best piano composition written during the year. Awarded to Anteo Martin Fabris.

Georgina Lucy Grosvenor Memorial Prize, to the violist in the graduating class whose performances while at Yale have exhibited the highest potential for success as a soloist or chamber musician. Awarded to Bethany Grace Hargreaves.

Charles Ives Prize, to an outstanding organ major. Awarded to Ethan Haman.

John Day Jackson Prize, for an outstanding chamber music composition written for strings, with or without other instruments. Awarded to Peter Seajong Shin.

David L. Kasdon Memorial Prize, to an outstanding singer in the School of Music. Awarded to Hans Joseph Tashjian.

Frances E. Osborne Kellogg Memorial Prize, for the best composition written in a contrapuntal style. Awarded to Ryan Elliott Lindveit.

Ezra Laderman Prize, for the best composition written for musical theater or voice. Awarded to Gabrielle Lily Herbst and Alexis Caitlyn Lamb.

Charles S. Miller Prize, to a gifted pianist who has done outstanding work during the first year of study. Awarded to Salome Jordania.

Malcolm L. Mitchell and Donald M. Roberts Class of 1957 Prize, to an outstanding graduating teaching artist in the Music in Schools Initiative. Awarded to Rubina Hyun-Jae Lee.

Philip F. Francis Nelson Prize, to a student whose musicianship is outstanding and who demonstrates curiosity, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit in the many dimensions of the music profession. Awarded to Ariel Horowitz.

Thomas Daniel Nyfenger Prize, to a student who has demonstrated the highest standard of excellence in woodwind playing. Awarded to Eleni E. Katz.

Aldo Parisot Prize, to gifted cellists who show promise for concert careers. Awarded to Sein Lee and Bo Bae Lee.

Elizabeth Parisot Prize, to outstanding pianists in the School of Music. Awarded to Alexa Dorottya Stier and Derek Hartman.

Horatio Parker Memorial Prize, to a student selected by the faculty as best fulfilling Dean Parker’s lofty musical ideals. Awarded to Hannah Pauline Tarley.

Presser Foundation Music Award, to an outstanding returning student, to advance the student’s music education. Awarded to Mateen Asad Milan.

Robert Shaw Prize, given in honor of the renowned American choral conductor and awarded to a choral conducting major in the School of Music chosen for distinguished achievement by the choral conducting faculty. Awarded to Madeleine Xiang Woodworth.

Julia R. Sherman Memorial Prize, for excellence in organ playing. Awarded to Chase Loomer.

John Swallow Prize, to an outstanding brass player whose artistry and dedication have contributed to the department. Awarded to Melissa Genevieve Muñoz.

Yale School of Music Alumni Association Prize, to students who have excelled in their respective fields and have also made important contributions to the general life of the School. Awarded to Katherine Arndt, Kenneth Andrew Chauby, Cameron Conly Daly, Harry Joseph Doernberg, Russell Jordan Fisher, Alexis Caitlyn Lamb, Amelia Brynne Merriman, Llewellyn Kingman Sanchez-Werner, Gabriele Strata, Ross Wightman, and Karolina Wojteczko.