About the Bulletin


The Bulletin of Yale University, a series begun in 1905, is currently in its 120th edition. It replaced an earlier programmatic series that included the publication called the Catalogue of Yale University, which itself was preceded by the Laws of Yale, a series of official documents published every five years starting in the early eighteenth century.

Bulletin of Yale University

The current series, published from 1905 to the present.

Contents: A series of annual publications including programs of study, admission requirements, course descriptions, various regulations for Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools as well as other programs. The series included the campus directory until 1987 as well as, at various times, volumes devoted to the Yale Library, the Report of the President and of the Treasurer, “catalogues of the several schools,” the Alumni Directory, and the Obituary Record.

Format: Until recently the Bulletin of Yale University was published exclusively as bound volumes. In the late 1990s, editions for some schools were also issued as html or pdf online documents. Starting in 2001–2002, digital versions of all editions have been published on this site. Most schools have since reduced print publication significantly, producing an archival print run only and relying on digital publication on this site. For all editions, the online pdf of the print version is the official document of record.

Catalogue of Yale University

Published annually from 1813 to 1972.

Contents: Names of fellows, faculty, students (with addresses); regulations; courses of study, admission requirements, tuition and expenses. Originally intended to serve as a directory of the staff and student body, the document gradually included other types of information over the years. Descriptions of specific courses did not appear until the 1891– 92 edition. The Catalogue in the twentieth century became a volume within the Bulletin of Yale University series.

Format: From its original form as a broadsheet posted on bulletin boards, the Catalogue became a 16-page pamphlet and eventually a bound volume of as many as 688 pages (the 1939–40 General Catalogue of Yale University).

Laws of Yale

Published at five-year intervals from 1718 to 1878 (in Latin from 1718 to 1769; in English from 1774 edition).

Contents: Individual chapters on Governance of the College; Admission; Religion and Worship; Course of Academic Literature and Instruction; Vacations and Absences; Location of Students; Damages and Assessment; Crimes and Misdemeanors; The Library, Museum, Philosophical Chamber, and Apparatus; Butlers; Commons; College-Dues and Quarter-Bills; Commencement and Academical Degrees.

Format: Pamphlet (24 pages)

Style notes

The Bulletin of Yale University is edited, formatted, and typeset according to a set of specifications and usages that together make up what is referred to as “Bulletin style.” The purpose of adhering to such a style is to ensure a standard of correctness, clarity, and consistency conducive to effective communication and appropriate to an institution of higher learning.

The editors of the series are responsible for applying Bulletin style to material contributed by schools and programs, and working with coordinators of the academic programs to ensure that the integrity of the content is not compromised in the course of editing and formatting.

As a general guide, Bulletin style follows the latest edition of Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and the editing guidelines of The Chicago Manual of Style. For additional information, download the Editorial Style Guide of the Office of the University Printer.