Clinical and Community Affairs

YSN has a long history of and commitment to faculty practice and the provision of direct health care services to the community. More than half of faculty members maintain a clinical practice and spend a considerable amount of their time in clinical settings. Such a high number of faculty providing direct patient care is unusual among nursing education institutions, especially those that have developed as extensive and productive a research base as Yale.

For more than ninety years, YSN has had a tremendous impact on the health of individuals and families in our local community. YSN faculty have spearheaded the development of new strategies to minimize the effects of diabetes and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They have created new models to care for the chronically ill; implemented new technology to bring cardiac care into the home setting; and developed new programs to reduce disparities in health. They have responded to the health care needs of women by establishing a Women’s Health and Midwifery practice, which provides comprehensive health, labor, and birth services for women in the Greater New Haven area. These and other groundbreaking initiatives continue to meet the emerging needs of patients, demonstrate better ways to deliver care, provide translational learning opportunities for students, allow for continuous generation of new knowledge, and provide real data to inform policy development.

YSN is also committed to integrating students’ clinical experiences with high-quality teaching within the community. Our Clinical Support Unit consists of APRNs representing the master’s program specialties and administrative staff who coordinate clinical placements for students. YSN students have the advantage of this robust unit, which works with them to find the best clinical experiences to aid their learning.