A Message from the Dean

Since its founding in 1810 as the Medical Institution of Yale College, Yale School of Medicine has conferred 9,492 medical degrees. We educate physician-scientists and leaders, with a focus on our innovative biomedical research and the advanced care that our Yale Medicine physicians provide.

Basic translational research is helping us identify drivers of the growth and spread of cancer and resistance to drugs that new therapies can target. We are at the forefront of learning how to harness the immune system to kill cancer cells and understanding how the immune system contributes to inflammation in acute infections and chronic diseases. In the neurosciences, we are making progress in understanding the intricacies of the brain and the biological basis of behavior and abnormal brain function, and gaining insight about the underpinnings of such neurodegenerative brain diseases as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. We are devoting extensive resources to developing and obtaining new technologies to study cells, genes, and other essential structures of life in atomic detail. At the same time, we are mining and modeling in novel ways the vast amounts of biomedical data now available to study molecular, cellular, and organismic systems.

Our researchers and clinicians also collaborate to advance personalized medicine and to promote health equity. Their ability to link whole-genome sequencing to a patient’s health record is creating possibilities for predicting diseases and targeting therapies. The use of data science enables the identification of individuals and populations at greatest risk for a disease and enables us to tailor preventive strategies. We engage our community in prioritizing clinical research. In this way, every patient can benefit from discovery.

Our education program fosters curiosity and critical thinking. The courses described in this Bulletin represent a curriculum continually refined through self-evaluation and by incorporating best educational practices from peer institutions and other disciplines. Our program combines personal interaction with distinguished faculty with effective technology tools that promote interactive learning and innovative teaching.

Welcome to Yale School of Medicine.

Nancy J. Brown, M.D.

Jean and David W. Wallace Dean of Medicine

C.N.H. Long Professor of Internal Medicine