School of Nursing

The following courses in the School of Nursing are offered to interested medical students. For more information, contact faculty of record.

NURS 740a, Advanced Pediatric Health Assessment and Clinical Practice 2 credit hours. This course is designed to enhance the student’s pediatric health assessment skills and to introduce the student to the primary care of children from infancy through pre-adolescence. Key aspects of assessment, health promotion, and disease prevention in culturally diverse pediatric populations are discussed. Clinical applications of evidence-based practice guidelines in the care of children are reinforced through laboratory and simulation experiences, as well as through rotations in hospital newborn care settings. M. Swartz, N. Banasiak

NURS 610a, Advanced Concepts and Principles of Diabetes Care Seminar 2 credit hours. This seminar focuses on the concepts and principles of diabetes managed care based on the annually updated American Diabetes Association Standards of Care. It includes principles of primary care (screening, early detection, intervention, and patient education), secondary care principles related to diabetes management (various treatment modalities, patient education, and self-care), and tertiary care related to complications. These concepts and principles of care are presented relative to type of diabetes (type 1, type 2, gestational, diabetes in pregnancy, and secondary), age, developmental stage, duration of disease, and ethnicity. A multidisciplinary approach to care issues is emphasized, incorporating the contributions of other disciplines in the collaborative management of diabetes. Important aspects of living with a chronic illness such as psychological, social, occupational, and economic are also emphasized. Two hours per week. C. Cardenas